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In addition to selecting the right property management company for your investment, your NEXT most important decision is to assess whether your business identity (i.e. Brand) within your community is strong and differentiated, and has the necessary marketing “horsepower” to help increase, defend and sustain your business long term against the growing competition.

Towards this goal, Optivest Properties now provides our customers the option to become a member of our RightSpace Storage family of self storage facilities located nationwide.

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RightSpace Storage has established itself as a leader in the storage community.

Why Choose RightSpace Storage Branding?

According to Self-Storage Almanac, 82.9% of the industry ownership is in the hands of small “mom and pop” operators. These operators have little or no branding or company image. About 10.3% are owned by the top five operators: Public Storage, Extra Space Storage, U-Store-It, Sovran Self Storage and U-Haul. The other 17.1% is made up of the top 100 operators, which own or manage from 7 to 247 facilities. This is the market segment that RightSpace Storage belongs to.

Where do you fit within this market segmentation? Do you have the “horsepower” to compete against the Top 5 or even the top 100 operators? Learn how to be in the top 25% of self storage operators without having to take years and thousands of dollars to get there. Now you can immediately acquire this knowledge and stature by being part of our RightSpace Storage family of Licensees.

Benefits provided to our Licensees

Strong Brand Identity:

  • Unique, yet simple graphic design has strong “customer attraction” and recognition
  • Includes use of our custom state-of-the-art website (rightspacestorage.com)
  • Each store has its own unique web page with pictures and site attribute content
  • Unique marketing materials are designed and ready to print
  • Promotional programs are defined and ready to implement
  • Business Card design ready for use

Effective Marketing Strategies:

  • Special web-site promotions
  • Community Fund-raiser Programs
  • Discounting and Specials for “walk-ins”
  • Promotional Signage (Exterior / Interior)
  • Direct Marketing & Referral Programs
  • On-going web-site development and Search Engine Optimization

Over the years, the power of the web to attract new customers has grown exponentially, to the point where today, RightSpace sites obtain up to 30% of their new customer leads from this lead source. Why? Because of the continuous effort we put forth to constantly seek innovative ways to get to the potential storage customer. See “Website Optimization” for a more thorough explanation of what makes the RightSpace Storage website a critical component to helping grow your occupancy and profitability.

Join Our Team

Self storage owners have two RightSpace Advertising Programs they can elect to choose:

NETWORK MEMBER: Includes all available services provided by RightSpace Storage (see chart below)

AFFILIATE MEMBER: For the self storage owner who does not want to change the name of their facility at this time, but wishes to benefit from all other services, including integration into the RightSpace website. Facility would be recognized as a member through the selective use of a small tag line that would say: “Affiliate Partner of RightSpace Storage”

Brand Signage Website Advertising Marketing Strategies Promotional Programs
checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
AFFILIATE Member * Not Required checkmark checkmark checkmark

* Member can elect to keep using existing site name and current signage without switching to RightSpace Storage

ADVERTISING Fees: Based on services desired and number of sites becoming a Member. Contact Optivest Properties to establish a FREE consultation.

By joining any one of our two RightSpace Storage Advertising Programs, your store gains a unique opportunity to take advantage of our growing success and popularity. Our unique operational model and style will attract loyal customers, employees and help your facility maintain the highest standards to continue to lead the industry.



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